"I want to say that Lateesha Hunter represented me and I could not have been happier for choosing her as my attorney. She stayed on top of my case and kept me informed on everything that was going on. I want to thank you Lateesha from the bottom of my heart for going over and above to help me in my case. If I ever need an attorney again I would most definitely use her to represent me. I have also given her name and the law firm's name to several people if they ever need a good attorney. Thank you so much and God bless." 


"My experience was pleasant. She handled all of my problems in a professional manner. Lateesha was accessible when I needed her and if she couldn't be reached she made attempts to reach me within a reasonable amount of time. This entire experience was new to me, but Lateesha always seemed confident. Her confidence showed in the courtroom as well. I was very impressed with Lateesha."


"I contacted Lateesha via e-mail regarding my situation and then spoke via phone initially because I do not live in Oklahoma. However my case was being heard there. She was more than willing to help me and provide me guidance. With all the ups and downs of a child support case, Lateesha was very knowledgeable, helpful and prepared. In my opinion I couldn't have found a better attorney to handle my case. I felt like I was her only client even though I know I was not. She was very attentive and on the date we were to go to court, I felt like I had known Lateesha for years but the truth is we only met in person that day. I would recommend her to anyone who asked. My only complaint is she practices in Oklahoma and not here in Atlanta where I currently live because if I needed I would not hesitate to hire her again."

"Very courteous and professional and thorough!  I would recommend to everyone."



"The first day I met Lateesha, she was respectfuly,, very nice, professional.  Lateesha always displayed a high degree of knowledge, wisdom, understanding and attention to details.  I enjoyed Lateesha working with me.  She helped me feel safe and secure going through a painful divorce.  On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest number I give Lateesha a 10++.  Lateesha is an outstanding lawyer.  She will be a reliable asset to your company and future clients."  


"Very professional.  Throughout the process I only dealt with Lateesha.  She gives very good advice and won't just do something because you want it done.  She will be honest with you and tell you if it's not worth your time...Which is very much appreciated as she isn't just spending your retainer on useless things.  I would recommend her as I already have to several people."  



"I was put in a very hard situation and forced to hire an attorney to keep my children in my care.  Their father filed multiple cases against me with no real backing other than anger.  Throughout the two-year process, I was blessed to have someone on my side who cared and who fought not for me but for the very best interests of my children!!!  Any time I had an issue, I was never made to feel silly for reaching out for help on how to handle him, nor was I made to feel bad for being such a needy client.  In the end, Lateesha was able to help me be granted sole care of my children.  Should I ever need legal help of any kind, I have no question in my mind where I will turn!!!"