How to Deal With Parental Alienation or an Uncooperative Parent in Litigation

Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for custody cases to involve a parent who refuses to reasonably communicate, co-parent, and even alienate the children from the other parent.  Below are some strategies to deal with parental alienation or an uncooperative parent in litigation:

  • Use discovery to obtain more information regarding the parent's allegations.

  • Request that a custody evaluation be performed.

  • Request that a Guardian Ad Litem be appointed for the minor children.

  • Request that both parents complete a comprehensive parenting course.

  • Maintain an even temper, be the more reasonable and logical parent, and keep your emotions under control.  Never retaliate, thereby adding to the problem.

  • Keep a journal of key events, describing what happened and when.

  • Always show up at scheduled visitation exchanges and keep scheduled telephone visitation, even if you know your children will not be there or will not answer the phone.

  • Make the most of the time you do have with your children and never discuss the litigation with them or speak poorly of the other parent in the children's presence.

  • Do not violate any court orders and do not withhold court-ordered child support.

  • Document all communications with the other parent, whether by text, e-mail, or a recorded conversation in which you are a participant.